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ONE TIME OFFER ($19): Our goal is for you to start making cocktails as soon as you learn how to Speed Pour, and that's why we put together 100 recipies ready to use without having to convert Oz to Counts.

" Join our Movement and Make Money while having Fun - Nothing to Lose A lot to WIN!!
People from all different Careers and backgrounds are getting involved and having BIG success. It is no longer about working, it is about enjoying what you do, meeting new people and having the time of your life doing it...Y.O.L.O!!
Not Enough Money
Not Enough Time
Without Ideas?
Lack of Mentorship
Do you Feel this could be you?

For many people this is what entrepreneurship looks like.
Their fears, doubts usually hold them back from reaching their full financial & Creativity potential.

Don't Make the same mistake, and take the opportunity today for a better future. Are you happy where you are Now.. Will you be in the same place in the next months? 
You Could Literally be Just One Party Away from Changing Your Whole Life Forever..
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Don't Know Where to Start?
Don't Worry, you won't go it alone...
When joining Prestige Business Club You will have your own personal mentor to help you Accomplish your goal of creating a 
 Profitable Business 
Sneak Peek - Day by Day Breakdown
Day 1: Business Foundations
The first day we will go over the business road map and Foundations that explain exactly how to set up goals for the first  2 weeks into the program. Your mentor will make sure to give you the necessary tools to name your business and start the design of your logo.
Day 2: Creating Accounts
In order to have a successful business, you have to do what a successful businesses do. Our system is very simple and easy to follow. The second day you will learn what accounts are needed that will support your new business and how to use them during the overall sales process moving forward.  
Day 3: Design of your Website
The Most exciting and crucial aspects of your new business is the design of your own website that will serve as the face of your business. At this point you should already have a business name and your logo ( our designer usually gets it done in less than 2 days) and it is time to put them all together to start building your brand. 
Day 4: Registering Your Business - Getting Licenses & Permits
Typically one of the most overwhelming parts of starting a new company is the techinical and legal aspect. A huge benefit of using our program is having a mentor to walk you through step by step and also connecting you with our great network of professional resources. 
Day 5: Branding Your Company 
One of many mistakes people make when starting a new business is underestimating BRANDING and Marketing  of their new company - we will show you some secret tools you can start using to get it done for free..
Your mentor will provide you with a guideline and tips for pricing and additional ways to make money aside from bartending services.
Day 7: Start Getting Requests & Send Quotes
The best part of this business is the predictability, you know exactly how many clients you will have well ahead of time. At this point in your training you will being getting inquiries and requests for your services. 
Day 8: On the field Training
At this point you will have the opportunity to attend one of Prestige Sj events, to get some training on the field, the opportunity for you to see how you will be running your own business and the way you will have to train the people you will be hiring.
The amount of days will depend on You it can be faster or can take longer...
BUT WAIT... Where Do I Find My Clients? 
This is probably the # 1 reason we hear that prevent people from jumping in and pursuing their dreams of starting their own business. People tend to have a “Scarcity mentality” and feel that there are only a few slices of pie to go around and if you have to fight claim one or have some miraculous luck of some sort. I am here to tell you that is completely FALSE! We live in a time and space that there is opportunity all around you and all you have to do is choose which path you want to take. The truth of the matter is, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH pie to go around.  
With Prestige Business Club, we have made it SO SIMPLE to make a presence for yourself and will make sure you access the tools we have used over the years to acquire new clients, one of the problems you will have is not having a big team to cover all the events that are in the area.
Today you Have one of this two Options 
Ignore this and keep doing the same thing. Working at a job you probably don't like for the next 5,10 or 25 years even though you'll probably regret your decision later, because you didn't take a chance on your dreams and the opportunity to change the life of your family.
Take this opportunity and make it the first step to claim the life you deserve, one of the things you might be thinking is you were not dreaming to be a bartender but what I can say is why not start doing a business with a proven system to be the first stone to help you reach other opportunities  a regular job won't because later you can always sell it or pass it to your kids.
"If someone Offers you an Amazing  Opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, Say YES - then Learn How to do it later"
Richard Branson
YOU are Next...
It's YOUR Time...
It's YOUR Turn !!

Road Map 
  •  Business Foundations Class: Access all the step by step  
  •  Business Starter kit: Explain the benefit of your products
  •  3 months 1-1 coaching: Change the icons in the settings
Prestige Business CLUB
  •  Business Foundations Execution: will go over the foundations for a successful business and creating your brand.
  •  Business Package : All Online presence, website, social media, client interaction tools, bar equipment and physical bar. 
  •  6 months 1-1 Coaching: Change the icons in the settings
  •  Marketing Strategies: learn how to promote yourself to clients already looking for your services.
  •  Access Pool of Clients: never worry about getting clients when you can access our pool of clients.
  •  Training on the Field: will take you on a live event to help you learn and grow your business.
  •  Money Opportunities: learn the other ways to make money using your bartending business.
Bartending Club in California 
Become part of our Club of bartenders and get clients referred to you, when other companies can't. Need a bigger team only for a day? you can't always work with other members and you will know for sure you are getting only the best. 
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